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I am an ophthalmologist Takashi Kojima. Eyes deal with a lot of information in the sensory organs of the body. In addition, a very sensitive sensory nerve exists around the cornea of ocular surface. For this reason, eyesight may be deteriorated due to various eyes diseases, and daily living may become difficult due to pain and discomfort. I am a specialist on the ocular surface and have been deeply involved in cornea, refractive surgery and cataract surgery. I take my previous experience to think about helping many patients improve the visual function. In addition, I am performing basic research and clinical research so that our research can contribute to the understanding of disease and development of ophthalmological fields even a little.


Graduation of Tokai high school, Nagoya


Graduation of department of medicine, Nagoya University

Ophthalmology resident, Chukyo Hospital, Nagoya


Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard University


University of Illinois at Chicago


Ph.D. degree in Keio University School of Medicine

Director of ophthalmology department, Japanese Red Cross Gifu Hospital


Associate professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Keio University School of Medicine

Chief ophthalmologist, ocular surface and refractive surgery outpatient clinic, Nagoya Eye Clinic

Visiting doctor, Japanese Red Cross Gifu Hospital

Visiting professor, Dalian Medical University, Dalian, China


Doctor of Medicine, Certified ophthalmologist, ICL expert instructor, Trabectome instructor

​​Experience of ophthalmic surgery: Up to now, over 5,000 cataract surgeries, 1000 or more pterygium surgery and more than 300 corneal transplant surgeries.


Specialized in ocular surface treatment, cataract treatment and refractive surgery.

Cataract surgery

For cataract treatment, surgery aiming at providing a more comfortable vision after surgery has become the major trend rather than just removing the cloudiness of lens. In order to perform safe and reliable surgery, we select surgical options according to the patient's cataract condition. We can choose intraocular lenses with astigmatism correction and multifocal multifocal intraocular lenses according to the patient's lifestyle. I am also performing laser cataract surgery.

Dry eye

There are various types of dry eye, and causes are also various. We will investigate the cause of the patient's dry eye, such as type with low water content, type with low oil content, type with excessive corneal nerve sensitivity, and treat.


If keratoconus develops and progresses in younger age, social life will also be affected. We are focusing on reliable progression preventive treatment by corneal crosslinking and vision correction using special contact lenses. In addition, Boston lenses (PROSE), miniscleral lens, hybrid contact lens, intracorneal ring surgery, and corneal transplantation therapy are also available for those who do not meet conventional contact lenses.

Refractive surgery

​Surgery that corrects myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia is called refractive surgery. We firmly identify safety and appropriateness of patients, and treat them from standard LASIK with the new generation of refractive surgery SMILE and phakic intraocular lens ICL.


Although corneal transplant surgery is the last means of corneal therapy, i try to perform minimally invasive 'parts transplantation' that leaves as much of the cornea of healthy part as possible and transplants only abnormal parts. Patients can choose day surgery or hospitalization.

Contact lens trouble

Patients tried the contact lens, but it does not suit easily. Contact lenses are hard to use with dry eyes. Patients have been able to use contact lenses so far without problems, but recently they can not be used for a long time. Some patients are not satisfied with their vision in contact lens. I will investigate and solve the causes of problems related to contact lenses discomfort and vision problems.

Other ocular surface treatment​

Pterygium treatment is aimed at curing neatly and cosmetically after surgery and not letting it recur.

We treat corneal cloudiness or irregularities with excimer laser treatment called PTK, conjunctival chalasis, conjunctival nevus, conjunctival tumor.

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Hospital and Clinic (Overseas)


TEL: +86-411-8689-9822 | FAX: +86-411-8689-9833

〒116031 中国遼寧省大連市甘井子区松江路13-1号

Treatment option: Cataract surgery, ICL surgery

Bolor Melmii Eye Hospital

Bayangol District
2nd khoroo, Seoul Street  # 36/3
Bolor Melmii Eye Hospital Building
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

TEL: (976)-11-315409 | FAX: (976)-11-326973

Treatment option: Cataract surgery, ICL surgery, Keratoplasty, PTK

Hospital and Clinic (Japan)

Nagoya Eye Clinic

Meitetsu KanayamaBuild. 3F, 25-1 25-1 Namiyose-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Japan

TEL: 0120-758-049

Treatment option:Cataract surgery with various type of IOL, Cornea transplant day surgery, pterygium surgery, laser conjunctival nevus treatment, LASIK, SMILE, ICL, PTK laser treatment for corneal cloudiness, Various treatments for keratoconus including crosslinking, intracorneal ring, PROSE, hybrid contact lens. 

Japanese Red Cross Gifu Hospital​

3-36 Iwakuracho, Gifu, Gifu, 502-8511, Japan

TEL: 058-231-2266

Treatment option:Cataract surgery, corneal transplant(hospitalization), pterygium surgery,  corneal crosslinking and RGP fitting for keratoconus 

We are currently very crowded, so we are sorry but we are prioritizing referral patients. If you wish to have an early examination please have a letter of introduction at your nearest eye clinic.


JCHO Chukyo Hospital ​

Sanjo 1-1-10, Minami-ku, Nagoya, 457-8510, Japan

TEL: 052-691-7151

Treatment option:Cataract surgery, Corneal transplant (hospitalization), Pterygium surgery, Other ocular surface diseases

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